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The dream

“That holy dream- that holy dream,
While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding.”

(Edgar Allan Poe)


It was a a sunny morning and Simon was taking breakfast in his kitchen when Angie walks in Saying: – Simon, You got to come outside now!


            – Why? What is it outside Angie? I’m having coffee, do you want it too? He replied.

            – No, thanks – Said Angie – But we could finish your breakfast up in the sky. what do you think?

            – Alright Angie, you’ve got my attention. let’s go outside.


            As they walked outside, Simon noticed this huge balloon landed right in his backyard, with the rope tied up to a rock on the ground. Angie was so excited about it that she dragged Simon by his arms and said:


            – But I never did that before. Do you think we can do it by ourselves? Asked Simon.

            – Of course we can. I’ll go aboard the balloon while you cut the rope and set us loose, okay? She asked.

            – You got it! Said Simon.

           Simon had just cut the rope and he was preparing to come on board when he realized that he forgot their breakfast back in the kitchen, so he ran there to get it, but when he got back to backyard, there were nothing in there. The balloon has gone, Angie has gone with it too. He looked up above and there she was, up in the clouds. Simon’s phone rang and it was Angie.


            – Hey, you got to help me up, I’m up here. She said

            – I’ll bring you down Angie! He replied.


            And so Simon got in his airplane and started to fly towards the balloon, but just when he was too close, he ran out of gas. The airplane begun to fall down so he had to deploy his parachutes to avoid the paramedics to have scrape him off the floor.


            As soon as he landed, he saw a bunch of ducks hanging out next to his backyard and had the insane idea, like those you only have in dreams, to grab one by the leg and make it fly with you, but surprisingly it worked out pretty well, or would have, if it wasn’t by the fact that the duck got so exhausted that he started to descend again – just moments before they reach out for her – and dropped dead on the floor as soon as Simon landed again. #RIP my duck friend.


Simon even tried to go on a rocket, but the rocket went up to fast, and so he had to jump down, and luckily as he was falling, he managed to grab the balloon and climb in the basket.



Angie got so relieved that she wasn’t alone anymore that she even forgot she was mad at Simon.



But now they were there, in that floating rag, wondering the night sky. Angie looked at the stars and felt sad.

            -It’s too quiet in here. She said – I don’t think is funny to fly anymore. I want to go down.

            – I can’t make it go down Angie. I’m so sorry that this is happening. I’m afraid we are going to have to jump.

            – No! I don’t think is a good idea. I’m scared to jump. She said;

            -What choice do we have? Asked Simon in reply to her. – We can look for something soft to land on in our way down.

            – I don’t know about that but I trust you Simon. Angie said. – I will close my eyes and count to 3. Do not leave me alone again or I will kill you and throw salt in your grave

            – I won’t! I promise! said Simon.


And so they’ve jumped into an uncertain fate…







Where are all those magic words, now that I need it so much? Where is your sweet way to cheer me up whenever you send a random dull picture? Bring it over here, tell it that I miss it. Tell it that without it I would become a zombie!

Where is your smile? That smile that is capable of translating to my stupid eyes some of the happiness while you grin and promise me the world?

I’m looking for our sound too. Have you seen it? Of course not your silly! Sound is something that we listen to! But it’s been a while since I hear anything, and in this silence,  I begin to wonder many things and among them, the ultimate question:

Where are you?!